Chantel de Beer

 I love the fact that I can make my ideas and thoughts a reality, making and creating something from nothing. SDC is making it possible by moulding me into the designer I want to be. SDC is awesome! 

Andrew Ross Munro

 During my studies with SDC, being my first, I feel I have been motivated every step of the way even when I've felt a crit of my work has been negative; my tutor encourages me to improve as this is what life is like in the industry. I'm proud to be a student with SDC. 

Almani Deveroux

 Style Design College has changed my way of thinking and expanded my way of thinking about design. 

Kirsty Sutherland

 I love the fact that I can learn a creative course where I do practical and theory lessons. Lessons are thorough but always exciting and inspirational. 

Meghan Williamson

 I love the fact that I have varied subjects that touch on all elements of design. It is so interesting learning about the history of designs and the different movements. I love it! 

Wanê Boshoff

 I enjoy the course as it allows me to express myself in different ways, pushing me to do and experiment in things outside my comfort zone! I love the fact that we can talk to tutors about things that are bothering us and not be too shy to ask for help. Although it's a lot of work I'm loving every minute. 

Krystal Crow

 I find learning animation (graphic design/cartoonist) with Style Design college very enjoyable. To be involved at the start to end process is truly amazing! 

Robyn Mundy

 Learning with SDC really gets the creative juices flowing and I feel comfortable extending my creative ability as far as it will go. 

Othneil Mallinaar

 I learned a lot from my tutor when we re-designed original cartoons. For a student who has no art background I believe I have grown a lot and fully believe I can still learn a lot from my lecturers. 

Kayleigh Zettler

 The tutor has taught me so much. Being able†to create my own characters gives me such a feeling of freedom and allows me to express my creativity. 

Reece Baxter

 My tutor is a real source of information. She has helped me a lot with her extensive knowledge of Photoshop and comic books. She is a great teacher and easy to talk to. 

Lingelihle Dzakwa

 I'd like to say that my animation and cartoon tutor is a magnificent teacher. She has brought so much to my creativity as an individual, she has been my inspiration in learning cartooning. 

Kubashni Perumal

 The History of Fashion subject is highly informative. Our tutor always takes time to explain the lecture and its contents in detail making it very enjoyable. Iíve learnt a lot, it challenges my way of thinking. 

Philile Ntombela

 ...I started off with pattern making and fabric cutting, this taught me the basics of garment construction and aided me into a smooth transition of sewing. My first project was to sew half sized garments to help me understand darts and pleats. This also enabled me to practice my sewing skills. Before long I was sewing garments like ladies shorts which also introduced me to inserting zips and pockets. I also learnt how to design and make a handbag which taught me how to work with lining. I am currently working on my end of year garments which has required less help from the tutors. I could not sew when I started the course and I'm amazed at how much Iíve learnt in the past year. 

Patricia Stecher

 Fashion Illustration has taught me to use different mediums and techniques in my work, and it has helped make my illustration more realistic, 3 dimensional and creative. It has also helped me a lot with my figure drawing. 

Raine Kietzmann

 This genre in photography (Fashion Photography) is full of expression and lighting techniques. The biggest demand on the photographer is getting the 'best' out of their models either to show how beautiful or handsome or muscular they are or if its for clothing- make sure we make the garment pop and stand out as this is what is being marketed. With this Style Design course, our practical lessons are packed with learning how to pose the models, taught different lighting techniques (backlight, side light, etc) using the studio lights as well as the power pack in studio and on location. 

Keith Dinnematin

 I love studying with Style Design College because I've become more aware of the different creative graphic design elements involved in the industry today. 

Caitlin Fuller

 SDC has allowed me to expand my creativity to a new level. The lecturers have encouraged me to express my emotions and personality through graphic design. I'm doing the thing I love most! 

Sherwin Govender

 Studying with SDC has changed the way I see the world of graphic design. I love been able to express my creativity by doing something I love, design. 

Cassie Binnerman

 I enjoy learning different programmes like sketchup for 3d's and Autocad. I also combine them and use Photoshop to render out elevations and floorplans. My tutors are very helpful and give me good individual attention. 

Lerissa Rossouw

 I love the freedom of creativity and how I have learnt there is no boundries to design. My lessons are up to date with current designs and inventions. Love it! 

Meekha Duggan

 I've really enjoyed learning about lingerie and swimwear, I've loved looking at different beautiful styles and designs over the years, and designing my own range from beginning to end has been so much fun. I loved working with the little details, lace and buttons; I look forward to marketing my own collection to the world. 

Shamima Mamoogee

 SDC is a great college which allows me to express my creativity and the tutors have taught me a lot about the design world. 

Tamaryn Whitmore & Tarryn Sammons

 We really enjoyed doing the menswear range; I learnt how to make a collared shirt with cuffs which was very beneficial as we would like to focus on menswear in the future. We also learnt about range construction and tailoring of menswear garments. Part of our module consisted of doing a photo-shoot of our menswear garments; this taught us to work with other creative designers in the industry. This was exciting as it brought our work to life and taught us to work with all aspects of design and presentation. 

Carla Ludick

 I found menswear design so much fun as it's much easier compared to ladieswear. I was taught to work in basic stages for a shirt and pants which could be applied to all the garments. I made three outfits consisting of a shirt and pants in the themes of my choice. All my outfits are showcased with accessories to create an interesting feel to my designs. 

Calvin Gibson

 Studying photography with SDC is really an amazing experience. I've learnt so much from some of the best experts in the field. 

Lisa Marie Isaacs

 Most of the work for Style Design College course is practical work where we go out and physically practise photography, this is the best way to learn about our profession. I am well educated about all the aspects in photography such as business studies, the theory of photography, the artistic side as well as the post editing and graphic design. The course is very beneficial in making sure that we cover all the necessary subjects, in order to become successful. I have been exposed to many different photographers and learn about all the different styles and genres of photography in depth, this gives me more of an understanding about what is happening in the photography industry. I am fully satisfied with the photography education offered with style design college and this course. 

Zain Russel

 Style Design College has allowed me to express my creativity and the tutors have taught me how to keep up with the world of design. 

Bradley Patterson

 I have grown tremendously in creativity and expression since joining SDC. 

Chantel Andrews

  have had the most amazing opportunity to join practicing wedding photographers at weddings as assistants.† My tutor has arranged assistant type work for me with other photographers, and by joining photographers at the weddings we have had the opportunity to be exposed to the happenings at the weddings, what the important functions are of a photographer and all the creative tips involved. I have also been exposed to the work of many professional wedding photographers, and they have all been open to discuss important aspects of the wedding photography industry. 
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