Graphic Design (Diploma)
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What does a Graphic Designer do?

A graphic designer or graphic artist conveys information through visual solutions that promote or enhance a service or product. Graphic designers work with a variety of materials, including film media, animation, sound, images, illustration, type and colour.

The first step of any project is to identify the needs of the client. The designer must also consider the target market, taking social or cultural considerations into account. The process normally starts with a hand-drawn or electronic sketch of the layout, followed by a mockup presented for approval.

This course teaches the essentials and explores each field in detail teaching the student the finer skills of the industry. Learners who complete this course may enter the industry as qualified designers or start their own business as a freelance graphic designer.


FAST TRACK   80 weeks in duration
  3 course modules every 4 weeks
INTENSIVE   120 weeks in duration
  3 course modules every 6 weeks
FLEXIBLE   140 weeks in duration
  3 course modules every 9 weeks
These study time frames are just a guideline to help the student establish their own study schedule, a student may even decide to move from one option to the next. A student can change a due date at any time prior to the original date set by the college. All due dates are set to the "FAST TRACK" option upon registration.

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Learning Methods



Course Requirements


List specified in Tutorial Notes


A desktop or laptop that is minimum of a CORE2 or i5 (MAC or PC)
Minimum of 2GIG RAM (4GIG would be better)
500GIG hard drive & possibly an external drive
A mouse make life much easier

Digital Camera
Good DLSR body
In ranking order Nikon has the following entry level to prosumer DSLR's: D3000; D60; D5000; D90; D300s
Canon has the following entry level cameras: 500D; 450D; 550D; 50D

For accessories you will require:
Good Wide angle lens (anything from 10mm - appr 55 / 70mm)
Good telephoto (70mm Ė 200mm/300mm)
Adaptable and rotatable flash - on camera flash is not sufficient

If possible also:
Radio trigger for flash


ADOBE suite either CS3, CS4 or CS5.
MICROSOFT WORD or OPEN OFFICE(a free equivalent to WORD)

This Course is Endorsed by Ric Matthews (International Ad Man)

RIC MATTHEWS - International Ad Man

Ric studied visual communication and graphic design at the London Central School of Art and Design. During his long career in mainstream advertising in London, he established a reputation as an international brand builder, winning several major awards for creativity. In 1995, he was sponsored by the agency TBWA Hunt Lascaris to establish and run a highly specialised course in ad making and brand building. He is one of the most experienced Ad Men and Brand Builders who still manages to inspire to this day.

Student References

Style Design College has changed my way of thinking and expanded my way of thinking about design.
Almani Deveroux
During my studies at SDC, being my first, I feel I have been motivated every step of the way even when Iíve felt a crit of my work has been negative; my tutor encourages me to improve as this is what life is like in the industry. Iím proud to be a student with SDC.
Andrew Ross Munro
I love the fact that I can make my ideas and thoughts a reality, making and creating something from nothing. SDC is making it possibly by molding me into the designer I want to be. SDC is awesome!
Chantel de Beer
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