About SDC

SDC Quick Facts


  • SDC was founded by husband and wife designers, Claude and Louise Fourie
  • Claude Fourie is an Italian trained women's Footwear and Fashion Designer
  • Louise Fourie is a successful Interior Designer
  • Claude and Louise live with their three children in Milan, Italy

Governing Bodies

  • The SDC Academic board - consists of members of industry and Academics from the institution who research, develop and manage the academic content of SDC programs
  • Advisory Board - Completely made up of members of industry and key influential figures within society. Board members use their influence and experience to create opportunities within the industry for SDC. Board members also consult in an advisory role on the direction and aims of each field of study
  • SDC Council - Consists of the Directors, Deans, HOD's, Administrators and Service Managers who form the Management team of the Institution.

SDC Schools

  • School of Design - incorporates all programs related to the design field. SDC first commenced with Design programs only and these therefore form the oldest faculties of the Institution.
  • School of Visual Arts - A school of programs that have seen exponential growth in the past 3 years
  • School of Creative Business - SDC's newer school and one with a firm focus on programs that aid in employment or entrepreneurial skills

Proud Facts

  • SDC graduates enjoy a 90% employment rate within the first year of graduation
  • SDC boasts a 96% student retention average over a typical 3 year study period
  • Since 2005 SDC has grown at an average rate of 105% per annum
  • SDC Institutions attract students from over 53 different countries

SDC Values & Mission

SDC Values

  • To accept students of all ethnic, cultural and diverse backgrounds in a fair admission process
  • To maintain an 'Open Door' policy for students and parents providing free access to College leadership, counselling and administration
  • Providing a creative and safe atmosphere for students to freely express themselves
  • Provide international, high quality educational programs that produce vital skills for the work place
  • To engage students with industry in order to create career opportunities
  • To equip students with entrepreneurial skills so those that are not employed are able to start their own businesses
  • To strive for excellence in research and innovation

SDC Mission

Since its inception, the founders of SDC have sought to provide international, private education to a broad spectrum of nationalities and students in a constant effort to open access to leading higher education to the world. With a strong focus on collaborating with industry, the college programs focus on imparting vital, need-to-know skills for each career type while encouraging research and innovation to set graduates and the institution ahead of the competition.